The coaches


(Gent & Eupen) – coaches Toegepast 17

The success of this whole course which ‘Toegepast’ is – and which encompasses

more than half a year – is also determined by professional designers who

act as coach, sounding board and catalyst. For ‘Toegepast 17’ it is about Caro

Van den hole and Kaspar Hamacher, both laureates of ‘Toegepast 14’.

Caro(lien) Van den hole (1983) Her mental creative space is MaisonCaro: a

“house” in the good old-fashioned tradition, where people take the time for

customized creations. There is a reason for the different rooms in her design

house. She creates art work, durable objects and critical events as well as

installations that are presented as art. In so doing she alternates between the

targeted, problem-solving thinking of product design and the artistic liberty.

Maison Caro thus succeeds in creating the time and space required for the

insusceptible beauty of transitoriness and for a poetic desire for this beauty.

Kaspar Hamacher (1981) considers the craft of paramount importance. The

things he can do with wood appeal to one’s imagination: whether it is a tree

stump or a strip of leather, the key is authenticity in every step of his design

process. Hamacher’s working method always results in a unique, personal piece.

A piece of design with a deeper meaning; with a soul. His work is something

between art and design and finds its way easily to expositions in places such as

Basel, Milano, Cologne, Maastricht.


The selected laureates all appeared very focussed on research and both

coaches have not channelled this to more practical thinking, but rather

stimulated it.

A clear distinction compared to previous years and with design coach Bram

Boo, who at the time coached them himself. “Not that we loosen the reins of

design, but we noticed that the laureates had a similar research oriented design

model. It seemed interesting to us to rather emphasize this route of the

designing. The process is at least as interesting as the end result”, so Caro and

Kaspar declare in unison.


Filing and collecting are the concepts which support this edition of ‘Toegepast’.

By opting for regular gatherings, not only the cohesion within the group was

growing, but also the cross pollination between designers benefitted their

individual design process. During these meeting evaluations took place, both

collectively and individually. The day program was further supplemented by

experts from different domains like communication, legal issues, etc. Insights,

which will benefit laureates themselves, as designers.

The designers’ design process of tomorrow will also get a place in the

‘Toegepast 17’ exhibition, which will open in November in Z33. Collecting, filing

– both ideas and objects – form the connecting thread in this edition. And this is

made explicit by means of a file cabinet made by the coaches, also the campaign

image. The end result of ‘Toegepast 17’ clearly becomes more than the sum of

the individual designers. The outcome of that which the public in Z33 will come

to see, should also incite to collecting. The public will be introduced to the

exposition as if it were a filing cabinet. The different compartments contain

information which they can collect themselves, with at the end of the day a

unique exposition catalogue.


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